Inaugural Summer Intern Class Accept Part-Time Offers 

We are excited to announce all three of our summer interns have been offered and accepted to be part-time employees at Guaranty Bank. This inaugural program lasted for 10 weeks and concluded with a presentation to the Cabinet members over their projects and experiences.

Rebecca Morgan, talent acquisition specialist, stated “We were able to share our culture while also providing on the job training. The program was designed to incorporate exposure to banking, networking, and professional development. Each brought a fresh approach to Guaranty Bank, and we look forward to seeing them continue their professional growth”.

We are so grateful we had the opportunity to meet and mentor these young minds. They will all be important assets for the future of Guaranty Bank as each of them have displayed values of hard work, intelligence, and professionalism. 

Tre Price in a suit and tie

Tre Price

Tre Price was this year’s retail intern and will be filling a branch banker position while also majoring in finance at Missouri State. He most enjoyed the networking events in the community and at the bank. Price’s main takeaway is that the key to both success and joy in your work is through building and keeping meaningful relationships.

Austin Nelson in a suit and tie

Austin Nelson

The credit intern position for the summer was filled by Austin Nelson. He will return to Missouri State in the fall to complete his corporate investments and finance major while also taking on the role of a branch banker. Nelson states one piece of knowledge that stuck with him is how to professionally communicate with coworkers to accomplish a common goal.

Sarra Faust in a suit

Sarra Faust

Lastly, Sarra Faust was the marketing intern and will be staying on as a marketing coordinator and event planner. She will be starting her senior year at Illinois College in the fall and is double majoring in management and communications. When asked what her favorite part of the internship was, she said “learning more about the umbrella term that is marketing as it allowed for a deeper understanding of the field and also sparked interest for a future career path”.

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